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Zane Cochran is currently a graduate student at Georgia Tech studying human-centered computing and industrial design. His research focuses on physical computing and education technology. He is also one of the key players at HackBerry Lab, a creative technologies and innovation space at Berry College.


As a photographer, Cochran’s work has gained notoriety through his use of unique perspectives and lighting. Much of his work can be found in his several published books, featuring subjects such as Norwegian landscapes and Korean culture. With his technical and artistic skills, he creates interactive installations that have been featured throughout a number of exhibitions.


Frequently, he is an invited speaker at technology and interactive media conferences, where he discusses issues such as new media, interactive computing and education. Previously, he graduated from the University of Texas and worked as the senior account executive at a public relations firm in Austin, Texas.


Programming with Processing & Kinect
Invited Speaker » Hatch Athens

Scatterfield: Interactive LED Installation
Exhibition » Lyndon House Art Center Maker Fest

s8uare: Mapped Projection Installation
Exhibition » Lyndon House Art Center Maker Fest

3D Printing & Design
Invited Speaker » Hatch Athens

The BitDome Interactive Installation
Exhibition » Lyndon House Art Center Digital Summer

Enriching Elementary Geometry with 3D Printing
Featured Presentation » ISTE 2014

3D Printing Showcase
Exhibition » ISTE 2014

Cortex: Immersive Digital Environment
Exhibition » Berry College Student Research Symposium

Cortex: Immersive Digital Environment
Exhibition » Slingshot International Arts Festival

LightWeight: Wearable Rehab Visualization
Presentation » CUTE Center, National University of Singapore

Digital Innovations with Google Glass
Presentation » Confluence Technology Conference

Exhibition » Confluence Technology Conference

Cortex: Immersive Digital Environment
Exhibition » Georgia Tech TechArts Festival

Hand to Heart: Interactive Pulse Visualization
Exhibition » Redmond Regional Medical Center


Hour of Code: Processing Introduction
Service » Berry College Middle School

The Cortex Experience
Exhibition » Innovations & Prototyping Open House

The Broad Street Project
Exhibition » Last Stop Gift Shop Book Signing

The BitDome Digital Enviornment
Presentation » 2013 CCSC:SE Conference

Processing: Image Manipulation
Lecture » Berry College

The Future of News Delivery
Invited Speaker » Digital Atlanta Conference

Math Trail 2013
Service » Berry College Physical Computing Lab

News Delivery: Form & Function
Invited Speaker » University of Georgia

s8uare Interactive Experience
Exhibition » Rome Geek Week

Viking Explorations
Service » Berry College Physical Computing Lab

The Future of Physical Computing
Presentation » iLab Liberia

The BitDome Interactive Installation
Exhibition » Tech Arts Festival

Bioluminescence Interactive Projection
Exhibition » RACA Firefly Fling

Emerging Technologies in Rome
Invited Speaker » Rome Rotary Club

Development of Digital Manipulatives
Presentation » 2013 MAA Conference

Distance over Time with 3D Reconstruction
Poster » 2013 MAA Conference

The BitDome Interactive Installation
Exhibition » 2013 Confluence Conference

The Benefits of Try-Storming
Invited Speaker » 2013 Confluence Conference


The BitDome Interactive Installation
Exhibition » Berry College Physical Computing Open House

Convex Hull: Tangible User Interface
Presentation » 2012 CCSC:SE Conference

Math Trail 2012
Service » Berry College Physical Computing Lab

Checkerboard Recognition and Recreation
Poster » 2013 MAA Conference

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You can access a copy of my CV/Resume here. References are available upon request. This CV is kept up to date as much as possible, but please contact me for the latest version.


Cutting-edge visualizations in one-of-a-kind digital immersive environments.

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From my research at Georgia Tech to the latest innovations from HackBerry Labs at Berry College, I'm always working on a myriad of projects, collaborations and ideas. Here you can see a sampling of what I've been up to lately. My work is divided into a different categories (that often overlap): Innovations details my academic work and developments. Installations showcase the technology/art creations that I build and showcase at various exhibitions and museums. Photography focuses on my landscape and street photography, particularly the variety of photography books that I publish.

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18 Aug 2014

Scatterfield: Limited Perspective LED Interaction

  This summer I was able to complete physical construction on a project that I have been developing for two years: Scatterfield. In what turned out to be a herculean effort (both personally and with the help of many, many contributors) the installation was completed and revealed to the world during the Maker Fest at Lyndon House Arts Center in August. While its exhibition was limited to only a week in the space, development of

18 Aug 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

After an exciting summer filled with travel to faraway destinations (both foreign and domestic) the summer has finally come to a close. It wasn't without it's fair share of challenges including the typical week long fever-inducing soldering sessions, but by the end of it all, it was a great success.   Of particular note, was the great amount of exposure gained through an advantageous partnership established with Lyndon House Art Center in Athens, Georgia. As


Interested in more information, collaborating or just want to say "hi"? Use the form below to drop me a line or send me an email at zane[at]zanecochran.com. I'm always excited to strike up a conversation and spark some new ideas! Or if you feel like dropping by and seeing the latest (and occasionally greatest), you can usually find me in HackBerry Lab in McAllister Hall, Room 128, at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. If you're in the Atlanta area, no worries - I keep an office at Georgia Tech as well.    

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